Zine 3 - Doing Nothing Optimistically

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Paper Maps Volume #3: Doing Nothing Optimistically
Volume Three of our ongoing zine series settles down to explore the daisy-laden intersection of our favorite topics: Idleness and Optimism.
Come on a 32-page journey with us through the Great Plains of the U.S.A. There, through thoughtful essays written by Kit, you’ll discover why hope is a necessary precursor to the art of doing nothing.
Created by incurable optimists, for incurable optimists. Together, we’ll ride through wildflower fields and walk barefoot in the grass, all while considering how idleness is an inherently optimistic act.
What’s Inside
Volume 3 of our quarterly zine is chock-full of JR’s photo spreads, along with Kit’s essays, and hand-drawn cartoons. We believe that beauty is meant to be shared, and wanted this to look beautiful on your coffee table, bookshelf, or, if you’re the rambling kind, on the counter of your campervan.
About Paper Maps Zine
Paper Maps is a quarterly zine that we publish as we travel the open roads of North America. Join us to celebrate radical thoughts on idleness and optimism, all from the vantage point of seeking our way across the good old USA.
About the Art
All photos were shot last spring by JR as we traveled across the Great Plains of North America. We hope they deliver a good dose of spring anticipation to you in the midst of these cold winter months. The essays were written by Kit and are philosophical in nature, and all of the cartoons were hand-drawn by her in ink! We hope that they inspire you, or a loved one, to do a whole lotta nothing with a whole lotta optimism.
We love you guys!
Thank you so much for supporting our art and for making it possible for us to create. We hope this zine takes you to places you’ve never been before, places filled with wildflowers and bare feet and deep thoughts.
What’s a zine, you ask?
If you’re not yet privy...well, welcome to the zine club. A zine (rhymes with “Keen”) is a self-produced mini-magazine, created by the artist (that’s us!).  Zines are often radical in tone, with a belief that DIY culture can change the world. Kit has been a zine-head for many years, and it’s her dream come true to have a small publication of her own, inspired by the road, created on the road!
The Nerdy Details
32 pages, full color.
Perfect Bound
Printed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on USA-sourced materials
Cover paper made with reclaimed potato starch, a byproduct from the potato processing industry (Which is so, so groovy!).