In Search of Freedom

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In Search of Freedom

In Search of Freedom is an art book and a philosophical query.

It aims to answer the important question “Why do humans hit the road?”

Through photography, prose, and illustrations, it explores the values of a roadtrip, the whys that have inspired every journey in the history of roadtripping.

By The Numbers

- 152 pages
- 100 wanderlust-inspired photos
- 7 original essays
- 30 original mini-essays
- Dozens of handdrawn illustrations 

"A journey over land and through the mind."

Colorful pages with a Message

We created In Search of Freedom to give meaning to the modern roadtrip.

After all, that’s why we hit the road in the first place, isn’t it? We want fun and light adventure, sure, but we also yearn to find something out here, something more, something greater. 

Every roadtrip a search, and In Search of Freedom takes you on one.

We have defined seven principles that lure us out of the ordinary and onto the open road. They are the values that define our travels and send us to searching.

We hit the road in search of. . .

  • Freedom 
  • Adventure
  • Novelty
  • Simplicity
  • Autonomy
  • The Wild
  • The Self

Each of these seven values are explored within the pages of this book

The internet is filled with endless articles, guides, and books that tell you HOW to roadtrip.

I wanted to create a book that spoke to the Whys.

Why are we drawn to the road? Why we give up the securities of our sedentary lives and head out into the unknown? 

Consider these thoughts with us in the pages of In Search of Freedom.

"Whys are the greatest questions there are."

We wrote this book to share the knowledge we've gained in asking big questions across our many years on the road.

In Search of Freedom is filled with landscape photography, thoughtful writing, and original illustrations.

All of the artwork is hand drawn and designed by us.

The Photography

All the photos were crafted and shot across our most recent years living, wandering, and wondering across America.

The Words

Kit has written seven new essays which total 15,000 words.

These are divided into seven sections that comprise in the book, and each one explores one of the seven values of the road.

The Intention

Our hope is that each page adds a dash of inspiration and meaning to your next road trip. 

Our hope is that you can return to the pages of In Search of Freedom when you need a reminder of why your heart longs to travel about.

May it be used as a compass that reminds you of your true north, a map with markers that whisper, when you need it most, why you, too, take to searching the backroads.

A Book that Aims at Beauty

In Search of Freedom is hardcover and offset printed, made with highest quality materials. This retains the fidelity of JR's landscape and conceptual photography.

The Numbers

  • 152 pages
  • 175 wanderlust-inspired photos 
  • 7 original essays
  • 75 original mini-essays
  • Dozens of handdrawn illustrations 


  • USA Paper Stock
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Made to last
  • Beautiful enough to sit on any coffee table
  • Rugged enough to survive any roadtrip

All the Nerdy Details

  • Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 10.5 in X 9.5 in
  • Smith Sewn Binding
  • 100# acid-free silk-finished paper
  • Offset Printed
  • Printed in the USA
  • USA-sourced materials
  • Limited Edition

We are proud to be working with a printing house located in Minnesota, USA, who has been in the printing industry decades and who uses materials sourced in North America.

This printing house walked us through the printing of our last book Orange is Optimism and is just as excited as us to print In Search of Freedom

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