About Us

Kit WhistlerKit Whistler is a writer and illustrator with an affinity for the absurd. She writes in a genre she calls Rainbow Realism, which adds color to the world around her. She sends out biweekly emails with her musings, book recommendations, and more...You can subscribe here: www.KitWhistler.com
JR SwitchgrassJ.R. Switchgrass is a videographer + photographer with a penchant for conceptual documentary film. You can visit his portfolio here: www.JRSwitchgrass.com
Idle Theory Bus Kit Whistler JR SwitchgrassIdle Theory Bus In 2012, we hit the road seeking time doing nothing and an alternative to the conventional modern lifestyle, which we found unfulfilling and destructive. For the past 11 years, we’ve been rambling the U.S. of A working odd jobs and seeking Sanity. See photos, musings, and videos of our travels on our joint blog www.idletheorybus.com

In Search of Freedom

Orange Is Optimism