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Orange is Optimism is a genre-blending book which we have dubbed a pictotext, a blend between a novel and photobook. 
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Orange is Optimism is a modern picaresque that follows Kit and J.R. on a rainbow-doused, overland journey to the mystical Tangerine Hot Springs, a place of hobo dreams brought to fruition. It is an exploration of work, leisure, and idleness, as well as an adventure over land and through the mind.
Join two seekers as they tackle physical obstacles, encounter an assortment of colorful characters, and philosophical dilemmas that will send your mind to thinkin’.
This is a work of fiction, based on true events.
The photos were shot by J.R. across our first 4 years of wandering the wilds of the U.S., on digital and film mediums. They are paired with original quotes and illustrations.
The novel was written by Kit for the modern age, in a genre she likes to call “Rainbow Realism.” It can be read in the traditional linear fashion, or out of sequence, as a collection of short stories.
248 pages, including:
100 full-color photos, in spreads with original quotes.
122 page novella
Dozens of original illustrations
For all you bibliophiles, AKA book nerds, here are the specs of this book:
Dimensions: 6.75" x 8.5"
Smith Sewn Binding
100# acid-free silk-finished paper
Printed in the USA on USA-sourced materials
First edition copy: 1 of 2,000

In Search of Freedom

Orange Is Optimism