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194 Supporters pledged $20,124 pledged of $15,000 goal to bring this project to life.

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In Search of Freedom

We created this book from the heart, with focused attention to each and every detail. Learn more below.

About the Book

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Consider this campaign a Jumpstart of this book’s printing. For a short, four week period, you can support In Search of Freedom and get in on exclusive rewards and supporter tiers!

We have set a campaign goal of $15,000, which is the minimum print number we can run to make this book a reality. We will need to reach every cent of that amount to bring In Search of Freedom into its full-color glory. 

By supporting one of the tiers, you are voting for our vision, mission, and book—and you are voting for our approach to independent art.

Show your support! Place an order by December 4th to secure a copy of your very own—and to make the printing of this book possible.

Hand Stamped and Numbered

As a supporter, you will receive a limited run, special edition of In Search of Freedom. This edition is exclusive to supporters of the crowdfunding campaign. Order your copy December 4th to reserve one of your very own.

By ordering a Supporter Edition copy, you are letting us know that you want this book to exist. You are saying “Yes! Yes! Bring more beauty into the world!” In order to print this book, we need a to let the printer know, upfront, how many copies will be sent out to searchers all over the world. We also need an upfront monetary commitment to the printing house. By ordering a book, you are making that commitment beside us…and that means the world.

Where Will The Money Go?

By preordering your copy, you help us cover the costs of printing and shipping your books and stickers!

We’ve carefully planned and meticulously outlined each and every expense that this project requires. We even opened--gasp--a spreadsheet! We will use the funds to bring the project to completion.

Thank you so much for being on the bus with us, and for making the printing of our second book possible. It is because of you that we create and spread our message of meaning from the road to so many nomads, wanderers, and seekers around the world.

You make our art possible. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you for making this dream a reality.

Next Steps

We will be completing the book across the winter and spring, when the days are cool and short and there’s less time spent about.

The printer is lined up, the photos are chosen, and all of the essays and writings are outlined. Our goal across the next three months is to push each element of the book over the edge, taking it from prebuilt and liad out to polished and prepped to print.


  • November: Supporter Jumpstart Campaign 
  • December: Essay Writing and Re-Writing
  • January: Layout and Final Design
  • February: Proofing and Printer approval
  • March: Off to the Printers!
  • April: Personalizing Copies
  • May: Mailing and Shipping Frenzy!

We've Got This!

After successfully publishing not one--but two--editions of our first book, and sending out thousands of copies, we are confident in our ability to complete this project.

We have learned so much over the years. Our skills have improved (even if we’re doing it out of the back of a VW bus ;), and we believe we are set to make our most beautiful, and meaningful, printed work yet.

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