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Annotated Rainbow Edition of Orange is Optimism

Annotated Rainbow Edition of Orange is Optimism

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For the holiday gifting season, I am opening annotations once more!

Annotated copies are touched with love directly by me, Kit. I spend hours on each annotated book, drawing cartoons, writing inside stories, and leaving personalized notes all throughout the interior pages. Tell me what to say in a custom note, and I will include a note from you, the gifter, as well.

I have limited this number to 15 for the holiday season, and only have 3 copies left, so order your holiday copy today.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of being part of your gifting. All of this is done in a spirit of gratitude, optimism, and love.

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Annoated with Love

Let me customize your copy! I, Kit, will draw cartoons, write inside stories, and leave personalized notes all throughout the book.

After I get my hands on it, your book will be one-of-a kind, chock full of doodles and footnotes. Please, please give me the honor of sketching through your copy!

Let us know if the annotation is for you or for a friend, and I'll sign it to your requested name with a personalized note, too.  

If you have any questions, please email us:

Much Love,