Exclusive Supporter Rewards

Supporters receive a limited edition, hand-numbered book. Choose your version below.

In Search of Freedom: Hardcover Book

The Supporter Edition of the book is limited to backers of this campaign. Each copy will be stamped with a custom emblem and numbered by hand. 

+ One Limited Edition Copy
+ Hand Numbered + Hand Stamped
+ Your Name in the Book

Get Your Exclusive Copy

$50 USD

Signed Copy of the Book

Both JR and I will sign your limited edition copy of the book, with a personalized note.

+ Signed and Personalized by Us
+ Supporter Edition of Book
+ Your Name in the Book

Get Your Personalized Copy

$60 USD

Two Signed Copies of the Book

Share the wanderlust with someone you love. Both copies are signed Supporter Editions of the book. (see above!)

+ Two Signed Supporter Editions
+Your Names in the Book

Get a Book for a Friend

$100 USD

Annotated Copy of the Book

I'll customize your copy with handwritten cartoons, footnotes, and backstories. I'm really excited about this one.

+ Annotated with Love
+ Supporter Edition of Book
+Your Name in the Book

Get Your Annotated Copy

$150 USD

The Searcher's Way

Only 20 copies available

This booklet is made by hand by JR and includes original artwork by Kit. Pocket sized book, mountain sized inspiration.

+One Searcher’s Way Handmade Booklet
+One Annotated Copy of the Book
+Your Name in Book

Get The Searcher's Way

$300 USD