Handmade Wood Print - Custom Made For You

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One of a Kind Handmade Art Prints 

Making prints is something I have wanted to do for a long while but had limitations while living in Sunshine.  I didn't want to just get them printed off the internet somewhere either.  Currently, I am visiting my family's farm where I have access to a woodshop. Yay! 

Each one of these prints was created with an ink transfer process.  As such, each one has some unique hand done imperfections.  This process also gives the finished result a nostalgic dreamy quality that I love. 

The wood for the frames I reclaimed from the old farmhouse at my family's place.  I just love the texture of this old old oak. 

I will be rolling out fully finished versions as I make them.  Buy one of these custom ones and be first in line for the next off the press. 

Or, Email me with a request and I would love to make one just for you. JR@IdleTheoryBus.com


Thank You For Your Support!



Size 10 inch by 12 inch 

With wall hanging hardware attached.