Rainbow Edition of "Orange Is Optimism"

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Fresh Off The Press

This new Edition of Orange is Optimism is fresh off the press. JR and I worked hard on updating it, and we so excited to share it with you!

We reworked the previous edition into a new and improved experience...one we hope you'll treasure.

We're so grateful for your support.


-Kit Whistler + J.R. Switchgrass

About the Book

Orange is Optimism: Ride along with Kit and J.R. of Idle Theory Bus in this mystical journey to a magical hot springs.  Complete with full-bleed photos, inspirational quote pages and a short novella Orange is Optimism is a genre-blending book, which we have dubbed a pictotext, a blend between a novel and a photo book.

Hardcover, 248 pages, including full-color photo spreads and a 122-page novella.

 What's Inside:

248 pages, including:

100 full-color photos, in spreads with original quotes.

122-page novella

Dozens of original illustrations, hand-drawn by Kit.