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Paper Maps Zine
You guys, this is a project we are so, so excited about. 
Paper Maps is a quarterly zine we create and publish from the open road, as a tribute to the open road. It contains spreads of JR’s full color photos (starring Sunshine Love Bus), alongside Kit’s philosophical essays and hand-drawn cartoons. We believe in the power of printed literature, and cannot wait to mail a copy for you or a loved one to hold in your hands and savor (while unplugged, preferably). :)
What is a zine, you ask?
A zine (rhymes with “Keen”) is a self-made magazine that wanders the path of philosophy and anarchy. Zines are known for subversive content, striking art, and the belief that small publications can make a big impact. Kit has been inspired by zine culture since she was a young pre-teen dreamer, and it is a dream come true to publish a zine series of her very own.
A Publication Dedicated to Wanderlust, Philosophy, and the Beauty of the Natural World
We created Paper Maps to explore the philosophies we live by—including Idleness, Optimism, and Freedom—in a longer, physical format, one that’s deeper than the internet allows. Each zine is colorful, bright, and thoughtful—plus, it looks great on a coffee table, in a bookshelf, or on the counter of your camper.
How the Subscription Works
We may not have a home address, but we are huge fans of sending out snail mail. JR and I cannot tell you how excited we are to send you an issue of Paper Maps zine four times across the next year. Purchase of a subscription for yourself or as a gift for a fellow dreamer in your life, and receive a rainbow-doused issue every three months across 2019.
Publication schedule:
Get your mailbox ready! You’ll receive one issue on each of the dates listed below:
(Exact Dates To Be Determined)
Volume #3: November 15th 2018
Volume #4: March 2019 
(Order today and receive 3 and 4 right now!)
Volume #5: June 2019
Volume #6: September 2019
(Note: Volumes #1 & 2 of Paper Maps are currently sold out and out of print).
32 pages, full color.
6.5 inches X 6.5 inches
Printed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on USA-Sourced materials
The Cover Paper is recycled and is textured using reclaimed potato starch, leftover from the potato industry (we are super jazzed about this!)